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Tips for Encouraging Independence in the Home/Kitchen Area

Every room in your house can become more child-friendly.  Create an environment where your child can be involved at meal times in the kitchen.  Make your kitchen a child friendly environment where your child has access to gain independence through his/her daily routines.

  • 1. Always demonstrate to your child how to do an activity (You may have to show it more than once.)  Do not presume your child knows how to do something or how to have manners. You must demonstrate proper ways of acting and behaving for your child.
  • 2. If you create an activity or expect your child to work independently, make sure you have set your child up for success.  Always try the work or activity first, as if you have difficulty, your child will too.  For example, if you create an art activity with playdoh, make sure that your child can open the container!
  • 3. If your child wants to help you with an activity in your home, instead of saying no, break the task down and let him/her participate.  For instance, if you are making a fruit salad, let your child peel the bananas or wash the grapes.  It may take more time and planning but including your child in everyday activities builds independence and confidence.
  • 4. Have a shelf in the lower level of the fridge dedicated to your child where he/she can get a small pitcher filled with milk for cereal.
  • 5. Have yogurt or healthy snacks prepared that the child can easily access when hungry.  Place them on a shelf in the fridge or cupboard where the child can reach.
  • 6. Create an area in the kitchen with a small shelf that the child can access to get his/her cereal, bowl, plate, spoon and fork for meals.  Teach your child how to set the table.  Children love to help!

Another observation of supreme importance is that the child, when captivated by a piece of work, repeats the same series of movements time after time (Montessori, The Absorbent Mind, p.164).