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What is Montessori?

The Inspiration for At Home With Montessori

Watercolour Activity

Watercolour Activity

The implementation of the Montessori program in one’s home through At Home With Montessori will help parents become their child’s best first teacher.  The Montessori Method encourages freedom with limits and sets children up for success in making positive choices.  Children desire independence and freedom to discover life on their own but need boundaries to help them feel safe.

One of the main principles of the Montessori environment is to set children up for success in a beautifully designed, inviting prepared environment; the one that we help to create in your home, preschool or classroom.

After years of extensive observation of children, Dr. Maria Montessori realized the importance of following the educational needs of each child.  Montessori created a program whereby children receive individual lessons.  She discovered that children, in all areas of learning, possess an “absorbent mind” from the age of 0-6.  In other words, “they have brains that absorb all information like sponges.”

The major philosophical difference between traditional school and Montessori environments is the idea of “following the child.”  Following the unique needs of each child is accomplished through observation and by taking the time to let a child take action and not jump in right away with our presumptions of what we think a child is going to say or do. The Montessori educator presents a one on one lesson to each child.  Individual lesson plans are created for each child in a Montessori environment while fulfilling the requirements of the three-year preschool (ages 2.5-6) Montessori curriculum.

The Montessori program emphasizes learning through the senses to encourage brain development and complements the early stages of child development.  Children’s Montessori activities through At Home With Montessori are incorporated into one’s home, daycare or classroom, encouraging independent learning, self-awareness and self-confidence.

Through a structured and scientifically designed curriculum, the renowned Montessori approach encourages children to become aware of the importance of the contribution they make to the world through peace education, social responsibility and how to take care and protect our world (eco friendly education).

The importance of these early years cannot be overstated.  A rich Montessori learning environment supports children during this critical stage of development when their brains are growing and making millions of connections.

“She understands and believes that the children must be free to choose their own occupations just as they must never be interrupted in their spontaneous activities. No work may be imposed-no threats, no rewards, no punishments. The teacher must be quiet and passive, waiting patiently and almost withdrawing herself from the scene, so as to efface her own personality and thus allow plenty of room for the child’s spirit to expand” (Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind, p.240).