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“Integrating Montessori practices into my home has given my 3 year old a new found sense of independence and control over her day-to-day routines. It’s alleviated the “I want to do it myself” power struggles while giving her the opportunity to practice and concentrate on life skills that she’s so eager to work on.”

“It feels so good to have an organized play and work space where my kids can play and learn.   Thank you for helping work through the mass of toys and present the various materials in an appealing and neat way. We love working in our “At Home With Montessori space!”

At Home with Montessori has helped us support our son’s transition to JK.  Our son’s fine and gross motor skills were not as well developed as his linguistic skills. He started to get frustrated and lose confidence in his coordination skills. Katie gave us a number of tools to help him exercise his fine and gross motor skills in ways that were fun for him and stress free for us. Katie helped us problem solve, both on the phone and during her frequent in home consultations.

Lately, she has been giving us many literacy strategies to promote the love of reading with our son. She has also helped us organize our living space so that our son could easily access, but also mindfully take care of the tools she provided.  Katie is a passionate teacher—she has helped us become better parents for our very special four year old.