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Homeschool Program

September 3, 2012

An interesting article talks about the benefits of homeschooling and how homeschooling is becoming a lot more common place in the United States.  I agree there is a lot you can do with your child especially in Canada with a maternity leave of a year whereas in the United States the average maternity leave is […]

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The Toronto Star article on Google’s tribute to Maria Montessori on her Birthday, August 31

September 1, 2012–maria-montessori-s-birthday-honoured-with-google-doodle

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Happy Birthday Maria Montessori from At Home With Montessori and the Founders of Google

August 31, 2012

Today is Maria Montessori’s Birthday August 31st.  She would have been  142 years old today.  The creators of Google attribute their success to their Montessori education. Enjoy the Video and Happy Birthday Maria!

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Starting a Homeschool Program-Creating a Homeschool Curriculum

August 27, 2012

Starting a Homeschool Program-Creating a Homeschool Curriculum The beginning of the school year is just around the corner and as a parent you may have decided to homeschool your child. In order to be successful it is crucial that you are prepared. Depending on the space you are setting up I would recommend creating a […]

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What is Montessori Peace Education? How to Prevent Bullying.

August 18, 2012

THE IMPORTANCE OF PEACE EDUCATION TO PREVENT BULLYING In a Montessori classroom especially with teachers trained with AMS-The American Montessori Society peace education is prominent and teachers are given the tools to help introduce ways of dealing with conflict and peaceful resolution with children from an early age. In a Montessori classroom teachers are aware […]

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Montessori Sensorial Sound Shakers

August 8, 2012

HOW TO MAKE SOUND SHAKERS (SOUND BOXES) AT HOME At Home With Montessori Sound Shakers The sound shakers help refine the auditory sense that is heightened with children 2.5-6 years old.  This is a great activity that you can make at home and helps your child match sounds.  The Montessori Sound Shakers are a prerequisite […]

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Montessori 3-6 Preschool Classroom is A Differentiated Classroom

August 4, 2012

THE MONTESSORI PRESCHOOL CLASSROOM IS A DIFFERENTIATED CLASSROOM Current expectations for preschool classroom teachers in both the United States and Canada are that they create curriculums and classrooms to support the needs of all children, including children with special needs. Educators are expected to create differentiated classrooms to meet the unique needs and learning styles […]

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“What is the Montessori Math Curriculum?”

July 27, 2012

THE MONTESSORI MATH CURRICULUM The Montessori Math curriculum is an excellent hands-on program that takes abstract concepts of math and makes them concrete. The following video produced by the American Montessori Society is an excellent video demonstrating the different Montessori math materials that are used worldwide to teach math to preschool children from 2.3-six years […]

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What is Montessori? Freedom & Discipline in a Montessori Classroom.

July 21, 2012

FREEDOM AND DISCIPLINE IN A MONTESSORI ENVIRONMENT Working as a Montessori teacher, I answered many parent’s questions about the Montessori classroom. What is interesting about Montessori education is even though it has been around for a century, it still presents a level of mystery when it comes to understanding the Montessori curriculum, philosophy and method. […]

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Summer Science Activities

July 21, 2012

  SUMMER SCIENCE ACTIVITES-EXPLORING WATER (H20) In early childhood (age 2.5-6 years of age) an introduction to scientific concepts and terms will create an early foundation for children to understand and to love science.  Science happens all around us on a daily basis.  When science is introduced in school it can be overwhelming to some […]

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