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Benefits of At Home With Montessori

At Home With Montessori Environment

At Home With Montessori Environment

At Home With Montessori is dedicated to helping parents, caregivers and teachers to create the richest learning environments possible for children during the most critical period of brain growth and development by providing “hands-on” learning activities and centres in your home, preschool or classroom.  The Montessori activities are fun, creative and promote a love of learning.

Children have a natural inclination to learn, as observed by Dr. Maria Montessori, and setting up an area in the home with “hands-on” activities will promote early acquisition of essential skills:

Key Benefits of At Home With Montessori for Children

  • Children strengthen their fine and gross motor skills building their confidence and supporting their brain development.
  • Children develop concentration and become more joyful as they can do their activities quietly and uninterrupted.
  • Children develop pride and self-confidence from their own achievements.  The didactic activities enable children to correct their own mistakes.   It is common to hear children working with Montessori activities exclaim, “I did it myself,” when they complete an activity successfully.
  • Children become better able to express themselves, they become happier and less frustrated.
  • Children achieve greater independence in the home and this gives them a greater sense of their importance in their family, community, and in the world.

Key Benefits of At Home With Montessori for Parents

  • Assurance that your child is getting a solid foundation of academics in many areas including, Reading, Writing and Math.
  • Children are able to meet their own needs independently.  They can help themselves to a drink of water and many other household tasks.  Children begin to exude more pride.
  • You will get to know your child better because you have taken an active role in his/her life of watching and listening to him/her and following his/her lead.
  • You will witness your child’s joy, self-confidence and a love of learning increase.
  • You will spend more quality time with your child and there will be more joy and peace in your home.
  • Your child will take on more responsibility around the house.  As your child helps more in the home by sweeping, cleaning, dressing himself/herself, you will wonder why you did not get him/her to help before!

“It is thanks to the hand, the companion of the mind, We may put it like this: the child’s intelligence can develop to a certain level without the help of his hand. But if it develops with his hand, then the level it reaches is higher, and the child’s character is stronger” (Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind, p.139).