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Who We Are

At Home With Montessori Consultants

At Home With Montessori Consulting Ltd. was born out of a vision by a trained Montessori professional who realized that the success of the Montessori educational program should be available to all children for an affordable cost.   Through at-home consultations or online assistance parents can implement many of the Montessori principles and activities at home.  Our services provide parents or caregivers with individualized programs that best suit the needs of their children either in their home, daycare, or classroom.

At Home With Montessori Consulting Ltd., is a Canadian business employee trained Montessori professionals.

The Montessori Method teaches us to become observers of children to help them to develop a positive self-image, reach their whole potential and discover a love of learning. If a child is frustrated in the classroom or if something is not working we look to find ways to improve the environment for the child and this can be done in the home. (Kathrine Suter, 2008).