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Free Play and Montessori Education

Read the following article it is fabulous:
I loved this article; Angeline Lillard is a brilliant person.  It is my goal to help Montessori become Public in Canada, as I believe it should be available to all children.  I also believe that Montessori will evolve to blend free play or following the creative play of children in the classrooms with the practical application of Montessori learning (Materials).  When I was a Montessori (3-6) teacher there was a child in my classroom with many emotional/behavioural/social challenges.  What she loved to do was dance around the classroom.  She was a beautiful dancer but this can be disruptive in a Montessori setting, so I had to think of a way to incorporate her movement/free dance/creativity into the classroom.  I set up a Dance area where there was one dancer and an audience and an egg timer for everyone to take turns.  It worked out very well and the children enjoyed watching her dance and dancing.  Now I help families in their homes implement Montessori ( and children are drawn to creative free play. I implement the Montessori materials in a creative way when necessary.  One game I use is to travel to the continents of the world on a magic carpet or whatever the child creates and talk about all the animals and people of different cultures and this is an evolution of the Montessori puzzle maps. We need to continue to evolve as Montessori professionals to help benefit children. We should be able to help children gain the benefits of Montessori education in the poorest countries in the world with or without Montessori materials.

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