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Emma’s Kitchen 

Setting up your Kitchen for a Toddler to Participate in Cooking

Setting up your Kitchen for a Toddler to Participate in Cooking

I am always amazed when I hear how Montessori is successful when implemented in the home.  Whether a parent takes a tip from our weekly Montessori Meetup (, reads a Montessori book or finds how creating an at home Montessori environment makes a huge difference and tells me , “My child loves it!”  I hear this often but it still is wonderful and exciting when a child is actively engaged in the home.   The active engagement in purposeful/creative activities brings happiness and is a step toward supporting your child in reaching his/her full potential.

Of course I know Montessori works but I am always still in awe when a parent discovers how much their child is capable of doing when given the opportunity to try an activity on their own.

Thanks so much to Alee for sharing her daughter Emma’s kitchen (Toddler) that has been set up in their home to let Emma cook/bake and be independent.  Everything is at a height that Emma can reach and is able to feel respected and participate freely with mom and dad in the kitchen.

Alee mentioned to me that Emma loves the “I Spy Game Sound Game. “This game is when you sing or say with enthusiasm using objects in a bag or objects in the environment, “I spy with my little eye something that sounds like t.”  Sounds are key and give far more information then the names of letters.

Congratulations to everyone who is creating environments at home to support their children’s learning and journey on the road toward independence.  When your children grows up he/she will be so lucky to have been provided a solid of foundation of a wonderful home where they were loved, appreciated and encouraged to explore their life on their own in their unique style (their creativity).  This will aid them in the rest of their life and provide wonderful and warm memories of spending time with family.

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