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Montessori Homeschooling


Montessori Homeschooling Topics and Tips

At a Montessori Homeschooling meeting where topics, questions  and concerns arose such as:

1.)  Can Montessori be done in the home by parents who are not trained Montessori   teachers

  • There is a large movement of parents homeschooling in the United States and starting in Canada
  • There are many ways to incorporate Montessori in the home
  • The parents must develop strong and healthy attachments with their children  and if they are able to stay home and create a home Montessori environment this is very beneficial on so many levels

2.)  How to be a successful Montessori Parent/Homeschooling, what are the characteristics

  • Observation is a great way to see how your child is doing, get a notebook and start observing your child and your reactions to your child
  • Avoid constant praise and correction, give your child space to try once you have demonstrated an activity
  • Be prepared to show your child more than one time, be okay with repetition and that your child does not master the activity right away, activities should be slightly challenging and they must be given the opportunity to practice and concentrate
  • Move away and give your child space to work independently
  • Prepare your home environment each evening for the next day
  • Make sure the activities work and test out before putting out for your child, if you have difficulty opening a container in an activity so will your child
  • Trust your ability be confident, you can do it

3.)  How to handle presentations (showing activities) in the home with two children one Toddler and one Preschooler who both want your attention

  • Set the child who is older and more interested in doing activities on their own 
  • You will need to spend more time with the Toddler
  • Make sure to stay calm and move back and forth between the two children
  • Schedule your time
  • Have a daily plan but get ready to be flexible and “follow your child”
  • When your Toddler is resting or having a drink/food, show your older child a new activity

4.)  The importance of a daily routine/circle when doing Montessori in the home to help set and practice ground rules/routines in the home

  • Each morning before you begin start with a meeting going over the household expectations, respect yourself, respect others, respect the materials, 
  • Create a peace table and when a conflict arises have a peace rose to use as a way to teach conflict/resolution, do your best to diffuse the situation through communication and try not to take sides
  • At the end of the resolution have each child take a turn with the peace rose can say, “I declare peace”

5.)  Support from books and websites can help with homeschooling

  • There are many books and websites that have ideas
  • NAMTA (North American Montessori Association)-has a lot or resources
  • Find a Montessori Support group in your area

6.)  Many materials can be made and it does not need to be expensive or necessary to buy all the materials

  • Many Montessori Materials can be made and do not need to be bought, check out the At Home with Montessori Pinterest account for ideas from many 
  • If you know a great website for ideas of how to make materials please let us know

7.)  Maria Montessori created Montessori education to be available to all children

  • Maria Montessori did not charge the parents of the children that attended her classroom she merely wanted them to come to school clean/dressed
  • Find ways to spread Montessori and help make Montessori Education available to more children perhaps suggest a scholarship programme at the Montessori school where your children attend

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