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Montessori Infant Bed-Supporting the Sensitive Period of Movement

This is a video that shows an example of how to set up a Montessori bedroom. As said in the video an infant does not sleep on a cot until he/she can lift up his/her head and roll over. But it is great to see how people are setting up their infants to help promote independence which leads to peace and happiness!

Dr. Maria Montessori advocated that infants and toddlers sleep on cots low to the floor.

It is amazing to see how independent children are and capable of being able to roll out of bed and play with their toys at such an early age.

Freedom of movement in a safe environment is crucial in a Montessori school or in an at home Montessori environment. Movement supports brain growth and is an important early developmental stage or as Montessori coined an important, “sensitive period.”

The sensitive period of movement occurs in the Montessori first plane of development from 0-3 years old.

This is another video that looks at a baby whose parents have set up a bed on the floor. This may be a bit high so they added a blanket for her to roll down. It probably works better even lower to the floor. This baby was 17 weeks old when the bed was set up after she learned to roll over.

Please share your experience or let us know what you think of the Montessori style of bedrooms for infants.

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