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Homeschool Montessori Method How to Teach Beginning Sounds


Pin Pushing out Sandpaper Sounds

Teaching beginning sounds is a crucial part of the Montessori Homeschool Language Curriculum.  One of the most effective ways to ensure that your child gets a solid homeschool experience in language from an early age is to that you make sure to teach your child the sounds of letters before the names of the letters.  The name of letters gives us very little information toward learning to read.

Teaching beginning sounds is essential in the development of language acquisition and helps to establish a strong foundation in literacy.  Once you have introduced the sound “C”, invite your child with a thumbtack to punch out the letter.  Children 2.5-4 years of age are capable of doing this activity and will not prick themselves as long as you demonstrate how to do it properly first.  After your child is finished this activity you can put it away.  I suggest that you do not leave this activity out or do this activity unless supervised.

Pin pushing is a great way to increase fine motor skills both in strength and by practicing the pincer grip that is used for writing.  Children love this activity and sandpaper letters can be made with card stock, sandpaper and glue.  I bought the cork board at a dollar store and wrote the “C” out on a piece of card stock paper (the card stock is better for punching out compared to regular paper) and then cut it out.  Pin pushing is a great way to help your  child do an activity that they like plus it reinforces a new sound that she/he has learned!

Use lower case letters to start as most reading material has fewer capital letters.  Your child will love learning their initial sounds through Montessori Homeschooling from the ages of 2.5-4 years old.  Once the “Sensitive Period of Language” is gone it is more difficult to teach the sounds of letters.

Next time I will demonstrate how to do a three period lesson that is a quick and effective way to teach sounds and other names of countries, colours etc.  Please leave a comment and let me know what I can do to help you with your At Home With Montessori Homeschooling Program.

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