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Homeschool Program

An interesting article talks about the benefits of homeschooling and how homeschooling is becoming a lot more common place in the United States.  I agree there is a lot you can do with your child especially in Canada with a maternity leave of a year whereas in the United States the average maternity leave is six weeks.

The formative years are from 0-6 and this is a great time to develop excellent homeschool curriculums and homeschool programs.


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ksuter September 6, 2012 at 8:01 pm

Thank you so much for your comment. I think if you homeschool you can build a social network to make sure that your children are learning social skills. I support the idea of homeschooling in the early years from 3-6 if possible with a Montessori influenced style as per my business, At Home With Montessori. There is a trend toward more homeschooling but I think it is important for parents to be involved and aware of their children’s education. I hope one day Montessori education will influence the public system and parents will be confident with the public education system. A friend of mine feels that one of the biggest problems in society is that parents loose control over their children (adolescents) due to the importance placed on peers and peer relationships. A strong foundation of family is a great way to start and I think involved parenting helps children learn to make choices as leaders and not followers.


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