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Starting a Homeschool Program-Creating a Homeschool Curriculum

Starting a Homeschool Program-Creating a Homeschool Curriculum

Home School Program/Montessori Inspired for a Child aged 2.5-6

The beginning of the school year is just around the corner and as a parent you may have decided to homeschool your child. In order to be successful it is crucial that you are prepared. Depending on the space you are setting up I would recommend creating a homeschool program and homeschool environment where your child/children will be able to work independently after lessons have been presented such as a Montessori based program. Steps to consider before you begin:

  • Decide on an area in your home where you will set up your homeschool classroom.
  • Set a schedule of the hours dedicated each day to homeschooling.
  • Choose what method/philosophy of education you want to create and find guidance and support for your homeschool program for instance a Montessori based homeschool program.
  • Research the standards of education required for your Province/State/Country.
  • Plan a homeschool curriculum, including Language, Math, Practical Life Skills (such as cooking, cleaning), Sensorial (sharpening the senses and hands-on activities to learn through the senses), Science, Art, Yoga/Physical Skills, Music, French (or another language appropriate to your region.)

Now that you have a basic list of the homeschool program and homeschool curriculum that you are going to implement the next step is to outline monthly or bi-monthly themes.  You can create a calendar and add the celebrations that you will discuss and share with your child.

For example at the beginning of the year you can start with something Summer based because then you can tie in all the great things you did in the Summer, the theme can be “Fun in the Sun” all the great things about summer and you can use seashells for introducing counting if you are working with a early toddler/preschooler.  You can introduce a science activity called float and sink with objects collected from the summer, shells, rocks, shell shaped sponges, soap in the shape of a sponge.  In a bowl of water you can let your child explore the idea of what floats and what sinks by placing object in a bowl of water.

I like the idea of exploring the continents throughout the year by choosing a new country each month with a basket of pictures, books and collectibles if you have objects relevant to that country.  Invite people of different cultures to your home to speak about their country and bake food from each country.

We offer services that can assist you whether you live locally (Toronto, Canada or surrounding areas) or abroad visit our website and look at recent blog posts for more ideas. Please leave us a comment if you have any questions or if you have already started a homeschool program or share a great moment of teaching with your child/children.

Visit us At Home With Montessori to get started.

Great Book Finding Website:

Read a book in language about the fun summer or on seashells from the library.  I found a great website to locate so many books.  You can put in any information and get a title of a book the website is Ideas for themes throughout the year and stories from different countries,   Once you are on this page and enter website look at the top and see DAWL instructions and then put in the criteria to find a great book!



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