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What is Montessori Peace Education? How to Prevent Bullying.


In a Montessori classroom especially with teachers trained with AMS-The American Montessori Society peace education is prominent and teachers are given the tools to help introduce ways of dealing with conflict and peaceful resolution with children from an early age.

In a Montessori classroom teachers are aware of the situations that arise in the classroom through daily observation when they take themselves off to the side and quietly observe the classroom.  Montessori teachers are dedicated to help children learn the importance of taking care of each other and their peers a crucial part of creating a peaceful community and world.

It is crucial that children are taught the importance of working with neighbours, colleagues, peers and family.  Working together as a community and in an early preschool classroom sets the stage for future workplace relationships.  It is the responsibility of a classroom teacher to monitor and teach peaceful strategies when she/he is with students for many hours of the day.

The following video created by the American Montessori Society demonstrates peace education in a Montessori preschool classroom.

Please contact us with your experiences with peace education or bullying difficulties.  It is a crucial issue that needs to be addressed in early childhood education whether in a Montessori classroom or a public school classroom.

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