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Taking Care of a Plant


MATERIALS:  Plant, Basket, Ruler, Tray, Pencil, Notebook, Pitcher, Sponge, Bowl, Spray Bottle, Scissors

1.) Invite your child to do the activity, “Let’s do taking care of a plant.”
2.) Activity can be set in a certain location or you can have it set up on a shelf.
3.) Prior to introducing activity have water already in the bowl, the jug and the spray bottle or you can have your child help you get the water.
4.) Remove brown leaves with scissors.
5.) Wet sponge and clean leaves; demonstrate how to squeeze sponge over the bowl before cleaning leaves.
6.) Water your plant.
7.) Spray water on the leaves.
8.) Clean up your work and invite your child to take a turn, “You can have a turn taking care of your plant.”
9.) Clean up with your child and return work to shelf.

Discuss the temperature of the plant’s leaves. Are the leaves warm or cool? Are the leaves smooth or rough?

Introduce the scientific term of the plant found on the label that comes with a plant. Introduce and give a brief definition of the words Science, Observation, Hypothesis, Variable. Read a book on plants, science etc. If your child has started writing letters you can help him/her copy out the words.

Keep track of the number of leaves on your plant.
Measure the length and width of a leaf.
Record the changing height of the plant.
Graph the height of a plant throughout the summer to see how much it grows.
Measure the height of each plant with the ruler and introduce your child to addition and subtraction to find out how much the plant has grown.  If possible your child can record results in his/her special science note book.

Paint the wood tray using a non-toxic paint. Introduce life drawing and place the plant on a table.  Encourage your child to draw their own representation of the plant.

Place 3 of the same plants in containers and label plants #1, #2 and #3.
Help your child make a Hypothesis and write it down. What do you think will happen to each plant when we:
1.) Water plant #1 once a week?
2.) Water plant #2 twice a week?
3.) Water plant # 3 three times a week?
Discuss Variables, i.e. the amount of times each plant is watered.

Let your child know that plants are living. Remind them how important it is to take care of plants with love and care. We would love to hear how much fun you had taking care of your plant and your experience with your child!

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