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Learning Sounds

Learning Sounds

The Montessori preschool Language program is a complete literacy program for children ages 2.5-6.  The program begins with story-telling, sound games with objects, and eventually children are introduced to grammar by age 6.  The reading and writing materials are didactic in nature as children are able to practice the materials on their own in a cozy reading or writing nook.  The Language curriculum is phonetic in nature and utilizes games and powerful teaching tools to help children learn to decode phonetic words, high frequency/sight words, diphthongs and digraphs.  It is powerful in promoting early reading and writing skills using a variety of games and activities.

Dr. Maria Montessori realized that there is a sensitive period of language development and that the richer the learning environment, the more beneficial for the acquisition of a child’s skills and love of reading and writing.

The Montessori Language program is a powerful curriculum supporting the natural ability and love children have for language. At Home With Montessori provides a rich Montessori Language environment with the necessary activities that enable children to become literate at an early age.

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